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Sunday, June 19, 2011

What the.....

Soooo.....we decided to head out to the garden to get a little bit of work done this afternoon. Last night, I was out hoeing weeds and trying to keep the place looking somewhat presentable. And so far....the handy dandy mole repellent is NOT working. They have only found new and creative ways around it. Anyhow....While I was doing this: (trying to save my self from some of the weeding)

The kids were over at the other end of the garden, doing this: 

yes. now they have taken to making little water ways to the squash and cucumber plants. the whole thing started out with Izaac thinking he could dig a hole to China. Which turned into "Can we use the hose so its easier to dig?" To which I replied: "I suppose, but only if you water the potatoes too." Which they did not. Apparently they are planning a little "vay-cay" to the far East without Mommy Dearest. Because, you know, they have been working so hard out here. So while Izaac digs, Emily is making sure the squash want for nothing in the way of liquid refreshment...

On the bright side, I suppose there is one good thing.....Izaac did help me put eggshells around the tomato plants today, and they all seem to be doing quite well. So there's that. 

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