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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring is here again!

Wow...another winter has come and gone, and just as springtime brings with it a new cycle of beginnings and endings, many changes have happened here as well. The light winter here has pushed me to the conclusion that much of the garden needs a good break this year. Not getting nearly as much snow as usual means to me that the ground hasn't gotten sufficient water to help maintain the garden the way it usually does. So this year, for me, I will spend the season getting the garden turned over and adding as much extra nutrients as I can. Leaves, grass clippings and maybe some clover are in the works to rebuild the tired soil and give the ground a chance to be replenish.
We have noticed, ironically, that the garlic and onions that gave up on me last year are back in full force! Haha...such is the way it goes around here - something unexpected at every turn! The garlic will stay in its corner and hopefully we will have something new to harvest this year. Emily has decided that the onions are hers and she would like them moved, so I supposed we will look for a suitable place to move them too so she can have a small project to work on. Izaac has inherited a tomato plant from his Great-Grandma, so he too has a small project to focus on this year.
Dilly and Basil and few of their friends have also been spotted in the yard - their playfulness reminds me to enjoy the new season and keep things light ;)
Maybe this summer, instead of canning our own harvest, we will scrounge the farmers' markets for fruits to make more preserves and if I am feeling really froggy, we will hit up the orchards for their amazing apples so I can freeze more apple pies.
In the mean time, I am thinking about posting some of my favorite recipes and about what else is going on around the yard here :) Thoughts and comments are always welcome!


  1. I've always been wanting to plant a garden, but I'm always too late!!!

    1. haha! I know how you feel! Every time we plant a garden, it seems like I am always racing to get everything in on time :) They say the best time to plant is after the last frost and before Memorial Day, but we often find that not everything is in the ground on time. I can tell you that there are some things like carrots, cole crops (lettuces, cabbage, spinach) and radishes can be planted any time during the summer, and every few weeks throughout the season. Our first year of gardening, we didn't plant tomatoes or squash until the end of June and were still quite successful.

  2. cant wait for winter lol no actually we are planting alot of veggies and fruits

  3. I love the picture of the yellow tulip I missed getting to look forward to spring. We never had winter down here in texas. Gardens produced veggies and fruit all winter