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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

For the birds!

(Just a quick note for the summer splash blog hoppers...the link you are looking for is in the previous post!)
It has been a busy week over here! While we are giving the veggie garden a break this year, we are busy working on turning the soil, the kids are planting giant sunflowers and wild flowers to enjoy as the season goes on and I am busy doing some much needed maintenance on my flower beds. In the process of which, I found the most lovely surprise: 
Aquilegia canadensis
better known as the wild columbine! I had to look this one up...and I am thinking that since I most certainly did not plant it, the birds must have had a hand in this one. Absolutely lovely!
Here's a few other nice things from around the garden:
see the busy busy bees? 
I love having the honey bees around. In my experience, they are by far, the least aggressive and most useful insects one can have helping out around the gardens. Diligent and efficient workers, bees remind us to stop and enjoy the sweetness of life and the importance of community and working together for the greater good. Sure, they have the capability of stinging, but these little guys would much rather get their own work done than bother anyone who isn't bothering them ;) 

The top picture is our patch of chives...and wow, were the bees busy yesterday! We just moved the raised bed that these were planted in, but I thought maybe I would just leave these where they are till they are done for the season. The bees and butterflies seemed to be enjoying them and they are almost waist high! The iris's are also in full bloom here, as you can see. I was surprised to see two varieties since I only remember planting one :) 

Today I spent the morning working on a garden project for my Aunt... will post some before and after pictures when that's done...but I had to tell you about the surprise I got while I was working over there...
neighbors ginormous and super-adorable puppy! 

Look who decided to pay me a visit? Haha - that's her neighbors dog...who apparently escaped from their garage and managed to sneak past the invisible fence to explore the area... he hung out with me for a good hour before I walked him home. It has definitely been one adventure after another over here this week!

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Happy Gardening!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer Splash!

It's contest time! My dear cousin and friend, Melanie has asked me to join her May Blog hop as a sponsor. With 125 blogs participating and some fantastic prizes, this should be fun. Keep an eye on her blog for details on how to participate. The hop runs from May 14th to 27th...

For those of you who are here visiting as part of the hop...here's the link to my Facebook group:
come join us ~ I look forward to seeing some new faces and meeting more great people!!

Spring is here again!

Wow...another winter has come and gone, and just as springtime brings with it a new cycle of beginnings and endings, many changes have happened here as well. The light winter here has pushed me to the conclusion that much of the garden needs a good break this year. Not getting nearly as much snow as usual means to me that the ground hasn't gotten sufficient water to help maintain the garden the way it usually does. So this year, for me, I will spend the season getting the garden turned over and adding as much extra nutrients as I can. Leaves, grass clippings and maybe some clover are in the works to rebuild the tired soil and give the ground a chance to be replenish.
We have noticed, ironically, that the garlic and onions that gave up on me last year are back in full force! Haha...such is the way it goes around here - something unexpected at every turn! The garlic will stay in its corner and hopefully we will have something new to harvest this year. Emily has decided that the onions are hers and she would like them moved, so I supposed we will look for a suitable place to move them too so she can have a small project to work on. Izaac has inherited a tomato plant from his Great-Grandma, so he too has a small project to focus on this year.
Dilly and Basil and few of their friends have also been spotted in the yard - their playfulness reminds me to enjoy the new season and keep things light ;)
Maybe this summer, instead of canning our own harvest, we will scrounge the farmers' markets for fruits to make more preserves and if I am feeling really froggy, we will hit up the orchards for their amazing apples so I can freeze more apple pies.
In the mean time, I am thinking about posting some of my favorite recipes and about what else is going on around the yard here :) Thoughts and comments are always welcome!