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Friday, July 15, 2011

Out of Control!

So first off... I have to share the latest funny... I have been letting the kids pick the purslane from the veggie garden to eat - and today, Izaac tells me that we just "must figure out the name of that stuff we have been eating." To which I reply to him that its called purslane - his immediate response was "Oh, well I thought it was called 'greatiest tastiest' cause its soooooo tasty!"

So half of the garden looks really really great and the other half is being taken over by weeds...so tomorrow thats my morning project. We have already had an early harvest of radishes, a few cucumbers, summer squash and a few beans and peas. The problem with buying starter plants rather than planting from seed is that the plants just might not be exactly what they are labeled at the greenhouse...my climber beans that I worked so hard to build a trellis for are actually bush beans and it looks as though the butter crunch lettuce and romaine are all actually loose-leaf lettuces. They all look pretty much the same, so this is the conclusion I have come to. That what I thought I bought is not really what I ended up with. Serves me right for not paying better attention! OOPS!! Everything else seems to be alright though. The sugar snap peas don't really seem to happy with the soil in my garden. They are producing, but the plants haven't climbed much in the past month. Cucumbers and squash however are taking over their ends of the garden and the tomato and potato plants are HUGE. Corn is almost waist high, so I think these will all do well this year. I'm not really sure what the cabbage and cauliflower is up to..I expected both of these to be forming heads by now, and they aren't - foliage is pretty though. So thats something. Always and adventure/experiment when it comes to me and gardening. Also, the birds ate the carrot seeds and green onion seeds..so I am hoping to have enough time to plant more before summer is over.
 I will post more pics as soon as I can. But I have been a little obsessive this year about how the garden looks and am determined to clean it up a bit first :)

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