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Its going to be one interesting summer!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Just went out and checked on the garden...yes...sometimes I have days where I feel I need to make sure all is well in the garden before bed...LOL...
But I am sooooo excited...almost all of the potato plants have sprouted out of their hills and the kids' little water trough to the squash plants made them all grow about 4 inches over night...Yippee for their wild ideas! Guess I need to get them to finish up with all the plants at that end of garden...hahaha. Anyhow, I was happy to see things had sort of "taken off" out there :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What the.....

Soooo.....we decided to head out to the garden to get a little bit of work done this afternoon. Last night, I was out hoeing weeds and trying to keep the place looking somewhat presentable. And so far....the handy dandy mole repellent is NOT working. They have only found new and creative ways around it. Anyhow....While I was doing this: (trying to save my self from some of the weeding)

The kids were over at the other end of the garden, doing this: 

yes. now they have taken to making little water ways to the squash and cucumber plants. the whole thing started out with Izaac thinking he could dig a hole to China. Which turned into "Can we use the hose so its easier to dig?" To which I replied: "I suppose, but only if you water the potatoes too." Which they did not. Apparently they are planning a little "vay-cay" to the far East without Mommy Dearest. Because, you know, they have been working so hard out here. So while Izaac digs, Emily is making sure the squash want for nothing in the way of liquid refreshment...

On the bright side, I suppose there is one good thing.....Izaac did help me put eggshells around the tomato plants today, and they all seem to be doing quite well. So there's that. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hooray for Rain!!!

I was thrilled to wake up this morning to the sound of rain...this meant I didn't have to get up early to go water the garden (and I was ready for a break!) It's been a long week out there. I have been scrambling to get the rest of the plants in, and weeding relentlessly. Hopefully soon, I can get out there with the oodles of newspaper (now that I have my wheelbarrow back, which has been MIA since we used it at my Gram's last summer to move mulch -YAY!), and then the weeding won't be such a daunting task.
It's been a busy week out there, and things might be starting to settle down for a bit. While I was watering the potatoes, I realized I was missing two cucumber plants (which are in the general area of the cucumbers)...and the bunnies helped themselves to the lettuce -YIKES!! So while I was standing there, hose in hand, wondering where the heck the cucumbers went, I also realized that I was now watering a hole in the ground, and not my precious 'taters.... yuppers...the moles are back and now I think I know what happened to the cukes! So the kids and I hauled off to the store to get batteries for our handy mole repellent posts (generously left to me by my home's former owner). If you have never seen or used such a thing, they are a battery powered device that you bury in the garden. Every so often, they emit an ultrasonic tone that supposedly drives the moles away. We.Shall.See.
We also planted carrot, radish and green onion seeds. Hopefully I remember to thin all of these when they are ready so they actually grow well this time! Later this week,  I will add more basil around the tomatoes - they make good neighbors and the basil helps ward off bugs - and I plan to add more herbs around some of the other plants to help those along as well. If anyone has any brilliant ideas about how to protect the cabbage and cauliflower (that doesn't involve super-toxic chemicals please), I'm all ears! I always have trouble with these ones...
I brought my kids out to the garden to help, or to try and get them to help- the were my anxious little helpers the first year we had a garden, and not so much anymore. They will water the plants most times, but weeding? HA! Planting? Um..maybe...if the wind is blowing the right direction...So, if you happen to scroll through the pictures at the bottom of the page, you will see just how much help they are. Look for the one of my son, the-stick-wielding-crown-wearing (fashioned by his sister)-self-declared-roman-soldier...and you will see exactly how much help I get from these guys! I think all he is missing is the tunic. And Emily ran for the hills as soon as I pulled out the camera.
Despite all the work it takes to get a veggie garden going, I still enjoy it. Every last part of it -the quiet hours I spend out there weeding and digging, planting, tending and harvesting all make it worth while. The excitement of watching the plants grow and discovering new ways to help the garden along are part of the fun. To me, this is nature at one of its finest moments... you plant, you water, you watch and hope, and eventually the little seeds and tiny plants do something wondrous...they somehow work their way out of the dark earth, and without question, they reach for the sky and begin to grow.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Uhhh....here goes nothin'

Ok everyone....be patient with me here as I learn my way around the world of blogging...eventually I WILL figure out how to upload photos and get everything rearranged :)

So after giving my veggie garden a breather last year, I've decided to give it another go. The weeds and critters always end up getting the better of me ( I will tell you more about "Dilly" and "Basil" soon..oh and "Molly"- Yikes!!!) so the soil and I both needed to take a break, a chance to recharge and regroup. Things don't always go so well for me out there in our big back yard, but I am always determined to find ways to improve things and be more productive with every year. I think it has something to do with the fact that I am hopelessly optimistic when it comes to this stuff. I spend all winter dreaming about next year's garden, figuring out where I went wrong last year, how to fix it, and waiting for the ground to thaw, the grass to green, till I get the chance to dig in and get down to business. This year, not unlike years previous, will be a combined effort (the kids always say they will help, but that only ever lasts a week or two) and the results as always, are shared with friends and family.

My family and close friends always get a kick out of the funny and sometimes not-so-funny things that happen every year, as I try to pretend that I have a handle on this gardening business...so we thought it might be fun if started my own blog and shared my misadventures with the rest of the world. I hope you enjoy reading. Maybe we can learn something new from each other in process. This summer looks to be a great one!