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Its going to be one interesting summer!

Friday, August 12, 2011

here and there...and everywhere

Things in the garden are going well ~ The tomatoes look AMAZING...I mean, not so much the plants themselves, but the fruits...the tomatoes are so big and growing so fast, I'm convinced they are sucking the life out of the plants. Funny how things work out that way. We have been harvesting lots of jalepenos and cucumbers and made some salsa and zucchini relish too.
I am, as always, amused & surprised at how certain plants grow and change through out the season, as well as by what each plant produces. Take for example, the green pepper plants...every plant looks tall and healthy, but is producing very tiny (although perfectly colored and shaped) peppers. At the end of the season now, the cucumbers are turning into short fat, little cucumber balls.. and the green beans are still producing, but again, miniature versions of what they should be -whether it's because of lack of water or maybe nutrients are lacking in the soil, I'm not quite sure. We still have onions, squash, corn, potatoes (my word will we have potatoes!!!!), and cauliflower (lets hope I don't mess these up AGAIN!) and red cabbage left.
Come to think of it, the only thing that is really done is the summer squash and the large cucumber plants are on the way out...oh, and the lettuce is done (but we are blaming summer heat for that one!)
I will try and get pictures posted this week...things sure are  looking interesting out there.
I've been working on some ideas about what to share with everyone this fall, while the garden is wintering over, and I have some fun stuff in store for you!!!
The Garden is far from being done this year, there is much to do and talk about, so stay tuned :)